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APK-Inform Agency announces the first international fat-and-oil conference of Kazakhstan "KazOil 2017", to be held in Astana, on November 29.

Despite its traditional focus on grain production, during five recent years Kazakhstan started shifting its priorities and increased the production of oilseed crops. The government policy aimed at diversifying of agricultural crops and funding of oilseeds production, causes some reduction of the import share in the reporting market sector, and development of the domestic crop processing industry.

As a result, during several recent years the fat-and-oil segment of Kazakhstan faced a significant upward trend. Sunflower seed, flaxseed, rapeseed and soybeans are called priority crops in the State program of development of the agro-industrial complex in Kazakhstan. According to the official statistics figures, in 2016 the production volumes of oilseed crops broke a record at 1.9 mln tonnes, which exceeded the average level of 2012-2016 period by 27%.


Also, the crop processing sector of Kazakhstan demonstrated upward trends. During 11 months of 2016/17 MY, the production of vegetable oils broke a record, and reached 320 thsd tonnes, up 6% compared with the average level of five recent seasons.

In turn, the exports of oilseed crops and vegetable oils continued steadily growing in terms of stable demand rates. During 11 months of 2016/17 MY, Kazakhstan exported 71 thsd tonnes of vegetable oils, up 1.5 times compared with the volumes for whole 2015/16 MY, and became the historic maximum results.

It is worth noting that during several recent years China became the key country-importer of sunflower seed and sunflower oil from Kazakhstan. In 2016/17 MY, China covered 42% in the general export structure of oilseed crops, and 72% of vegetable oils.


However, the further effective functioning of the fat-and-oil industry of Kazakhstan requires solution of many relevant objectives in the sphere of oilseeds production and processing. Therefore, the first international fat-and-oil conference of Kazakhstan "KazOil 2017" will gather together many representatives of the state and public authorities, industry associations, Kazakh agricultural producers and processors, members of the oilseed market of Russia and other countries of the EAEU and the Customs Union, leading experts and operators of the global oilseed market, representatives of agricultural science, companies-suppliers of modern technologies and machinery.


Key topics of the conference:

– Global market of oilseeds and its by-products. Prospective sales markets for Kazakh products: raw materials vs. finished products

– China as the key consumer of oilseed products, market features

– The EU market, and the demand for oilseed products

– Kazakhstan on the global oilseeds map

– Development trends of the oilseed market of Kazakhstan, and its position within the EAEU frames

– Oilseeds production in Kazakhstan: agroeconomic features, technologies

– Development of the crop processing segment in Kazakhstan


Expected number of participants – 200+.


Target audience: oilseeds producers, agricultural holdings, crop processing plants (oil extraction plants, fat-and-oil enterprises), companies-exporters and importers of oilseeds and their by-products, logistics companies, suppliers of material and technical resources (seeds, crop protection products, machinery, fertilizers), suppliers of oilseed storage and processing equipment, analytical agencies, banks, investment funds, government entities, ect.

Markets of interest: sunflower seed, rapeseed, soybeans, flaxseed, oilseed by-products (veg oils, meals/cakes), market of crops deep processing.

Conference geography: Kazakhstan, Russia, other countries of the CIS, Customs Union, Eurasian Economic Union, Asian and European countries.

Conference languages: Russian, English.


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