List of advertising services within the conference KazOil


  1. Participation as the conference speaker with commercial report — 1200 USD

(number of speakers is limited)

The cost includes:

  • payment of the registration fee;
  • adding of the report to the conference agenda;
  • speech time with the commercial report under the conditions of the event;
  • announcement of the report in news, press release, with placement at the conference web-page;
  • provision of a presentation to all participants at the end of the conference.



- the speaker shall coordinate topic of the report with the organizers, and it shall match with the basic concept of the event and focus on the target audience of the conference;

- the report to be provided in the form of PowerPoint presentation or PDF format;

- in terms if the presentation includes animation or other effects, a video, etc., one shall provide the presentation no later than 7 days prior to beginning of the conference in order to adapt it to the technical conditions of the conference;

- presentation language — Russian/English;

- speech time — 15 minutes.


In order to realize the correct simultaneous conference interpreting of the report, and timely familiarization of interpreters with the text, one shall provide the presentation no later than November 27.


  1. Placing of advertisement to the conference catalogue

First of all, the catalogue is the unique information source of the customer base, which gains a great success not only for the conference participants, but also for companies which fail to take part in the event.

The catalogue is your table-top book for 2-3 nearest seasons. One can find therein not only the general information about the event, but also the contacts of companies which can become potential business partners, as well as the basic market information.

The organizers provide the catalogue to each participant of the event.

Catalogue format — 210х200, full-colored.

Language of the catalogue – Russian/English.

Catalogue circulation – 250 copies (circulation to be adjusted in accordance with the actual number of delegates).

Catalogue advertising rates

Cover page *


2, 4




Within the catalogue **

1/1 of the page


Trendy article (up to 10 thsd characters)



Requirements to the advertising blocks!

1. The finished advertising blocks are accepted in the following formats:

·         TIFF (300 dpi, bitmapped graphics)

·         AI (Adobe Illustrator, vector graphics)

·         CDR (Corel Draw, vector graphics)

·         EPS with 250-300 dpi definition (real size) in CMYK colour model

·         Curve types

2. It is mandatory to consider the specified advertising block sizes.

3. * Blank space of 15 mm is necessary from all edges of the page to text or other informational objects

4. ** Blank space of 7 mm is necessary from all edges of the page to text or other informational objects

5. If APK-Inform design team makes the advertising block, the placement cost shall increase by 10%.


  • Placing of the exhibition place in the lobby nearby the conference-hall (seats are limited) — 1000 USD

The cost includes:

- table, chairs (2 pcs)

- Internet connection (upon the facilities of the owner of the conference-hall);

- power grid connection;

- connecting to the plasma (55 inches diagonal) in the pre-function area to demonstrate the company's video (video time - no more than 2-3 min.)

The area of exhibition place totals 3.6 m2 (width - 2.4 m, depth - 1.5 m).


  1. Placing of a roll-up banner in the conference-hall (the customer provides the banner) — 500 USD


  1. Putting of advertising, souvenir products into packages of the conference participants — 500 USD