Offer for participating in the International Conference "Oilseeds&Oils 2010"

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We offer you to apply about the company you represent and its services at the exhibition, organized within the frames of the second International Conference "Oilseeds&Oils 2010" (October 16-19, Turkey, Istanbul).

Such format of participation in the conference exhibition will become the additional stimulation in development and promoting of services of the companies, provide the possibility to attract attention of all conference delegates to products of the companies.

The mentioned format of conference participation is the integral part of the complex of marketing conference measures, and provides the favorable possibility to communicate directly with the target audience.

During the exhibition, all participants of the Conference will get the unique opportunity to estimate the products (services) of the company, compare it to the products of other producers and will be able to get consulting of the company representative by its usage, saving your time.

Company, which would like to participate in the mini-exhibition (without major constructions), will be provided with the expo-place, which costs 2500 USD (including registration fee for one participant from the company for all days of the Conference).

Target audience:

  • exporters and importers of oilseeds and by-products

  • transport-forwarding companies

  • surveyor companies

  • large processor of oilseeds

  • banks

  • investment and insurance companies

  • Juridical companies

  • Industrial organizations

Additional advertising within the frames of the Conference

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