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Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine on agricultural issues

Ministry of Agricultural policy of Ukraine


Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation



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Grain. Global Market. Ukraine. Accents. Trends. Challenges. Forecasts.


These eight words are crucial in preparation of topics of presentations in the Grain Congress in Ukraine, which is intended to define the place, role and further priorities of Ukraine on the world grain market next decade.


Ukraine is an integral part of the world market. At the same time, it can not escape from the post-soviet legacy in management of agricultural sector inrelation to land market. Therefore, it stands at the crossroad of epochs and different models of functioning of agricutural sector.

Despite this fact, Ukrainian agriculture and grain sector particulary show a visible increase in both quantitative and qualitative dimention. So, today as never before it is necessary to make a deep analysis of prospects of development of Ukrainian agriculture (grain) market in the context of global change and global challenges, and also a distinct positioning of Ukraine as a global player in the market of agricultural products.

As a result, the Ukrainian Grain Association and the information-analytical agency APK-Inform announce the holding of the Ukrainian Grain Congress in October 2010 in Kiev.

This forum is intended to outline a guide and vector of development of the Ukrainian grain market for the next 10 years - until 2020, to evaluate the role and place of Ukrainian agriculture in the global agricultural business and create an algorithm of partnership of agribusiness and the state.

The Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine on agricultural issues, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA), Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation provide the official support of the Congress.

We invite the representatives of the leading international and Ukrainian companies of the grain market, as well as the representatives of the governmental and non-governmental institutions, consulting agencies, media and academic institutions.


The leading experts-analysts of the grain market of Ukraine and other countries, representatives of non-governmental international organizations will become speakers.

The place of the Congress holding is a hotel complex "Rus".


Dear participants of the grain market of Ukraine and other countries of the world!


Grain sector plays a significant role in the development of agriculture as well as the economy of our state as a whole.

Nowadays, Ukraine is one of the leading producers and exporters of graisn in the world. Its position is strengtheningon the global food markets from year to year.

The Government of Ukraine, in particular its agricultural unit, pays great attention to the development of grain production. Providing with the stable increase of the grain production of high quality is one of the main priorities of its work.

I am sure that the Ukrainian Grain Congress will give an opportunity to all participants of Ukraine's grain market to exchange experience and strenght partnerships between domestic and foreign grain producers, as well as investors in grain production and its infrastructure.


Viktor Slauta

Vice-prime Minister of Ukraine


Congratulation to all participants of the first Ukrainian Grain Congress, which will positively effect the development of world's grain market.

Forecasts of the world consumption of grain for the next 10 years, opportunity of the world's countries to produce the necessary amount of grain, global climate changes, world balance figures, price forecasts, forecasts of the grain production cost and its export, effective methods of activity of the best Ukraine's companies. All these issues will be discussed during the Ukrainian Grain Congress.

We work to meet your requrements!


Volodymyr Klymenko

The President of the Ukrainian Grain Association


Recently Ukraine has been the leading producer and exporter of cereals. That is why the Congress promotes Ukraine's agricultural potential, economic and social development.

Cooperation in this forum galaxy of highly qualified experts of the world grain market, representatives of governmental and international organizations, financiers and lawyers, UGA and APK-Inform Agency provides consolidation and integration of the country to international grain markets.

I wish you good health, faithful companions and partners,good harvest, strength and inspiration in your hard work for the prosperity of the Ukrainian people.I wish each sown seed germinates in Ukraine and enrich our land in the near future to overcome the global food crisis.


Leonid Kozachenko

The President of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation


Welcome all participants of Ukrainian Grain Congress!

During recent ten-year period, Ukraine reached rather great achievements in development of the agrarian sector: the indices of agricultural products output increased, the level of technical and technological assistance of production capacities also improved, one of the best export systems in the world was founded, the growth of investment volumes to various spheres of agricultural industry also continues. To date, Ukraine exports grains to 89 countries of the world, and in company with other countries of the Black Sea basin, our region takes the second place in the world in the rate of exports of agricultural products. And Ukraine also reached the third place in the world in the rate of the large-scale world exporters of grains, after the USA, and the EU countries. Such facts affirm the competitiveness and effectiveness of the industry compared to other countries-producers of grains.

What important issues do we and the agrarian business face? The issues include the subject of the market of lands of agricultural-use, establishment and regulation by the Legislation of standard rules of relationship between the Government, State enterprises and the private business, assistance in foundation of favorable and predictable investment climate, supporting of various development programs, connected with the further growth of agricultural production rates in Ukraine, settlement of rather old problem of administering and repayment of the Value Added Tax, simplification and cheapening of various logistics procedures and infrastructural expenses for commodity producers, creation of the favorable terms for production of high-technological agricultural equipment in Ukraine, and other important aspects

One of the important tasks of the Congress is not only the discussion of the current issues, but also the possibility to forecast the future events. We decided to present one of such issues during the work of the present Congress.

On this occasion, I would like to wish good health, achievements in business and realization of own investment projects to all participants of the Congress!


Ivan V. Miroshnichenko

Black Sea Regional Director

Noble Resources Ukraine LLC

A member of the Noble Group

Our company has always been at the forefront of the agricultural market of Ukraine. So, today we are pleased to be involved in this positive initiative.

We recognize that the development of the grain market in our country is a necessary and strategic task of national importance. We are Ukrainians and should be proud of our agricultural potential and use it wisely for the benefit of our country.

Nibulon company is a good incentive for the Ukrainian and Western companies to invest in the agricultural sector. Today Nibulon obtains by the support of the European governments and the world's best financial institutions for the realization of the ambitious investment project of the infrastructure development of the grain market of the Dnieper basin.

Today, our company is proved with an honor: the revival of the Ukrainian economy is a reality. There are being built modern elevators and river terminals rapidly, the first in Ukraine Agrarian shipping is being created.

We are sure Ukraine may become a world leader of grain exports! Our country has a huge potential and reserves in the agricultural sector. If other Ukrainian companies worked for the welfare of our country as hard as Nibulon, total amount of grain harvest in Ukraine would reach 85-90 million tonnes. The new logistics system, being developed by Nibulon, will be a major stimulus for this purpose. Nibulon took certain course to the de-monopolization of the grain market, optimization of logistics of grain and raising the status of the company in the international market.

Thank you for your conscientious attitude to the future of our country! Our company is open for dialogue and fruitful cooperation in the sphere of export growth and grain production. Today, we are building the future of Ukraine!


Aleksei Vadaturskiy

Hero of Ukraine, General Director of Nibulon Company



Please, contact the coordinators of the Congress regarding all interested questions concerned with organization and holding of the Ukrainian Grain Congress:

APK-Inform Agency: +7 495 7894419, +380 562 320795, [email protected]

Ukrainian Grain Association: +380 44 2875477, 2466201, [email protected],