Conditions for participation

Cost of registration fee for one participant:

EUR* USD* If paid
330 465 till July 31
350 500 from July 31 till September 15
395** 565** from September 15 till October 5

* without bank commission

** prices to vary depending on fluctuations of the exchange rate of EUR/USD

If two or more participants are registered, a 5% discount is provided

Registration fee includes:

  • Participation of one participant in the conference work;

  • Receiving of materials of the conference (the conference catalogue during the conference, reports, presentations after the conference);

  • Placement of the company's business card in the conference catalogue;

  • Coffee break, dinners;

  • Reception party in honour of participants;

  • Cultural program

Additional opportunities for participants:

  • Participation in the conference as conference sponsor;

  • Placement of advertisement in the conference catalogue;

  • PR-measures before and during the work of the conference;

  • Providing of consulting services to the agency's specialists during the preparing to the event;

  • Assistance in establishing the business contacts between the conference participants before the conference and during it.

Terms of applications acceptance and payment:

  • Payment conditions - 100% prepayment as per the invoice charged by organizer according to the participant's application.

  • The participants may cancel his participation unilaterally. Cancellation of participation in the conference is accepted only in writing form confirmed by company head's signature.
    Payment return in case of cancellation of the conference participation:
    - Until August 31 - 80% of the paid sum is returned by the organizer
    - From September 1 to September 20 - 50% of the paid sum is returned
    - After September 20 - the paid sum is not to be returned

The program of accommodation is provided by the organizers for additional fee

Please, contact the coordinators of the Congress regarding all interested questions concerned with organization and holding of the Ukrainian Grain Congress:

APK-Inform Agency: +7 495 7894419, +380 562 320795, [email protected]

Ukrainian Grain Association: +380 44 2875477, 2466201, [email protected],