Providing visa support for representative of foreign companies - participants of Conference

To provide visa support for the conference participants are necessary the followings:

1. Request from the "Radisson SAS Lasurnaya Peak Hotel" the followings document to fill in - telefax, confirmation, agreement;

2. Send to the "Radisson SAS Lasurnaya Peak Hotel" by fax: + 7 8622 66 36 46, +7 495 745 77 06 copy of passport and credit card, both front and back (not Electron type), or scanning copies by e-mail: [email protected].. If you make a copy of credit card, it is necessary to backup card number, expiry date and signature of the card owner and completed forms (telefax, confirmation, agreement);

3. Send to participant a "Vaucher" by fax or by e-mail. This "Vaucher" has been submitted to the embassy with the rest documents by conference participant.

Contact information: Mrs. Anna Gerasimova Tlf.: +7 495 4118369, 4118372