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The grain market of Ukraine is the essential part of the agrarian complex of the country, and thereafter, the market has the same identical problems, the grain market of Ukraine is considerably exposed to the influence of fundamental factors of the world market. At the same time, in the majority of cases, the factors of the world market provide the positive stimulus to the development of grain sector of the country. First of all, the economic industry feels the first influence, and starts forming the growing and stable sale areas of Ukrainian grain products. At the same time, the internal factors, influencing the development of the grain market, manly mirror not only economic aspects, but also political ones, which provide negative influence not only on the development of the structure of the grain market of Ukraine, but also on the market image in the world. Unfortunately, the situation almost became the standard in the country, which should be changed by market participants with all possible means.

The informational agency АPК-Inform, which also continues presenting as the market participants during nearly 13 years, tries to support the grain sector of the agro industrial complex of Ukraine to reach the leading status in the world rate of the grain market, challenging the existing stereotypes. The organization of the annual forum of producers, traders, grain processors and other participants of the grain market is one of the efficient methods of overcoming of stereotypes, real steps on forming the qualitative grain market.



The tradition of holding the forum was founded in 2002, and to date, "Grain forum & Grain industry" is the integral part of the calendar of every prosperous agricultural producer, trader, agrarian financier and grain processor. The forum became the instrumental ground for formation of the general position of market participants concerning the condition and prospects of the development of the grain sector for the nearest marketing year, and for the distant prospect. Traditionally, representatives of companies from the main countries-importers of Ukrainian grain products, and from Russia, Kazakhstan, the EU countries, the USA and Canada, and the leading Ukrainian companies take part in the work of the conference.

Proving the announce of IX International conference "Grain forum & Grain industry-2010", we offer to you to become acquainted with the main directions of discussions of the conference:

  • preliminary summing-up of 2009/10 marketing grain year

  • estimation of the development prospects of the grain market in 2010/11 МY

  • condition and tendencies of development of the grain market of Ukraine and the CIS countries after one and half year of the financial and economic crisis

  • expectations of investors in the medium-term prospect

  • estimation of projects of modernization of enterprises of the system of grain storing and processing

  • marketing of the grain market: quality and security of of production; logistics and exports; problems of the image of the Black Sea grains

  • year with new state standards for wheat: did it solve all problems or created new ones?

  • increasing of profitability of grain processing enterprises: new varieties of flour and new products of grain processing; export-orienting; deep processing of grains; organic products; purpose-made products


Speakers of the conference: leading experts-analysts of the grain market of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, the EU, and several international organizations; deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, staff of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine; directors of agricultural holdings and enterprises of the grain products system; specialist of engineering companies and etc.


We invite the following target audience to participation in the conference: grains producers, representatives of grain trading, transport-forwarding and surveyor companies, branch associations and unions; representatives of legislative and executive power branches of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, nongovernmental organizations; directors and specialists of elevators and grain processing enterprises, laboratories of quality rating; representatives of financial and insurance, consulting and engineering companies and etc.


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