About the conference

Bringing to a close 2008/09 MY provided several negative and positive moments for the fat-and-oil industry, which influenced functioning of both domestic and world markets of oilseeds and by-products.

In the current season, many countries, producers of oilseeds, received rather high harvests. Especially, Ukraine and Russia harvested record volumes of oilseeds, which allowed strengthening the positions of the countries as one of the main producers and exporters of oilseeds and by-products. The geography of oilseeds and by-products sales also widened, at the same time the competition fight for the place on the market became more intense.

The quality of Ukrainian sunflower oil still remains as one of the most urgent open problems, Ukraine has to establish a special quality securing system at own fat-and-oil enterprises (HACCP). The world financial crisis also provided serious corrections to strategic and tactical plans of the companies.

We offer to examine and discuss these and other issues, connected with functioning of the fat-and-oil industry, during the eighth international conference "Fat-and-oil industry - 2009", taking place on December 2-4, 2009, in Yalta, in the hotel "Palmira Palace", APK-Inform Agency traditionally presents as the organizer.

Oilseed producers, representatives of trading, inspection, logistics, broker and engineering companies, leading companies dealing with processing of oilseeds and producing of fat-and-oil products, representatives of financing, insurance and juridical structures, suppliers of technical equipment, experts of analytical and consulting agencies, representatives of branch associations and governmental structures are welcome to participate in the conference.

The aims of the conference include the analysis of the current situation and the forecasts of development of the world, European and the Black Sea markets of oilseeds and by-products, estimation of the key moments of activity of the fat-and-oil market, and establishment and strengthening of business connections between various segments of the oilseed market. vThe leading experts of the fat-and-oil industry of the CIS countries and several far-abroad countries of will make own presentations during the conference "Fat-and-oil industry - 2009".

Main thematic sections of the conference:

  • Ukraine and Russia on the world market of oilseeds and by-products

  • Condition and medium-term prospects of the market of rapeseed

  • Structure of consumer preferences on the market of vegetable oils and by-products

  • Trading with oilseed by-products in the CIS and Baltic countries

  • Prospects of genetically modified and organic oilseeds and by-products

  • Niche oil-content crops and by-products

  • Innovation technological solutions for the fat-and-oil industry

Historical reference

Over 270 delegates from 23 countries participated in the seventh international conference "Fat-and-oil industry - 2008", which was held in Odessa.

According to the participants of the previous conferences, the set tasks - receiving comprehensive information about oilseeds market and fat-and-oil industry as well as establishment of new and strengthening of old contacts during the conference - were achieved by 100%, during the conference work.

Segmentation of the conference participants of "Fat-and-oil industry-2008" through varieties of companies

Geography of the conference participants of "Fat-and-oil industry-2008"

Additional information

In 2008/09 MY, Ukraine and Russia has a record harvest of sunflower - 6.53 mln tons and 7.35 mln tons, respectively. Rapeseed production reached the level of 2.8 mln tons in Ukraine and 752 ths tons in Russia.

According to the estimations of our agency, this season, sunflower seed exports from the countries will also reach the record indices of 650 thsd tons in Ukraine and 150 thsd tons in Russia.

At the same time, the expected export volume of crude sunflower oil from Ukraine will total 1.3 mln tons. The index in Russia is expected at the level of 600 thsd tons.

In 2008/09 MY, the group of three main leaders of Ukrainian sunflower seed imports changed cardinally, Pakistan, France, Spain took the leading places at the volumes of purchasing (Turkey, Georgia, Latvia in 2007/08 MY respectively).

In the current season, India (nearly 23% of shipment volumes) presents as the main importer of Ukrainian sunflower oil, at the same time, the Netherlands (leader of the previous season - 13% in 2007/08 MY) has imported 5% only.

In 2008/09 MY, Kazakhstan still takes the leading position of imports of Russian sunflower seed, purchasing nearly 24% of the export volumes.

The EU countries traditionally purchased the main share of rapeseed from Russia.

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