About the conference

Taking into account dynamic development of the market of oilseeds, vegetable oils and by-products as well as essential potential for further raising of both production of these products and trading volumes, one can see necessity in operative estimate of the market state, forecasts of its development and search for new business partners.


During the recent five seasons, the world consumption of vegetable oils has increased by 23.3 mln tons or 22%, which essentially exceed the rates of growth of the global consumption of grains (8% during the mentioned period). At the same time, consumption of palm oil increased by 31%, sunflower oil - 28%, rapeseed oil - 30%. The growth of both industrial and food usages of vegetable oils became the main reasons of such essential increase of oil consumption. According to the forecasts of experts, in 2020 world consumption of vegetable oils will grow by 67%, or 90 mln tons (!), which will open new prospects for the extension of oilseeds and by-products production and trading.

During the recent five years, volumes of the world trading with vegetable oils in natural terms have increased by 10.6 mln tons, or by 25%. The trading volumes of sunflower oil increased by 1.3 mln tons, or by 50%, rapeseed oil - by 0.9 mln tons, or by 71%, palm oil - by 7.6 mln tons, or by 31%.

The countries of the Black Sea region managed to strengthen own positions in the global rate of oilseeds, vegetable oils and by-products producers and suppliers due to successful location relatively to importers of oilseeds and by-products from the North Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the European Union, and presence of favorable soil and climatic conditions. According to the forecasts of USDA, in 2008/09 МY Ukraine and Russia will cover 5% of the global oilseed production, and 4% from the global vegetable oils production. In 2008/09 MY, Ukraine and Russia will take the 5th and 10th place, respectively, at the volumes of vegetable oils supplies onto the world market. Due to the geographic location, and developed infrastructure, Turkey started to play one of the key roles on the oilseed market of the Middle East and the Black Sea region during recent years, and became producer as well as processor, importer and exporter of oilseeds, oils and meals.

Considering the needs of the market, APK-Inform Agency announces about holding of the new international conference "Oilseeds&Oils 2009" devoted to the market of oilseeds, vegetable oils and by-products, which will be organized in Turkey (October, 12-14, 2009, Istanbul). This event is a continuation of the tradition of holding the international events of grains and oilseeds subject. For 12 years of APK-Inform Agency work in the sphere of consulting and organization of such events, were organized 27 international conferences in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Turkey.

The main subjects of the conference will be focused on discussion of more actual problems and trends of the international trade with oilseeds, vegetable oils and by-products, as well considering global financial crisis. The sections of the conference will include actual subjects of the markets of sunflower, rapeseed and by-products as well as tropic oils and by-products. The leading international experts will show their opinion regarding the current situation on the markets, prospects of its change in MY 2009/10 and in near- and long-term outlooks.

The key tasks of the forthcoming conference are the following:

  • establishment of new and strengthening of already existing business contacts

  • generalization and analysis of data about the global market of oilseeds, vegetable oils and by-products, forecasts of the further situation development

  • discussing the actual aspects of trade

  • discussing the question concerning the influence of world financial crisis to the considered markets

Target audience: trading companies, large producers of oilseeds, crushers, importers of seeds of oilseeds and by-products, specialists on estimation of high-quality oilseeds and by-products, engineering companies, investment funds, analytical and consulting agencies, surveyor companies, transport-forwarding companies, brokers, representatives of industrial associations, unions (governmental and non-governmental) and governmental departments.

Speakers: representatives of the leading and consulting agencies, governmental bodies, trading companies, surveyor companies.

Conference subjects:

  • World market of sunflower, rapeseed and by-products (production, consumption, trade, countries-producers and consumers): the current situation, trends and forecasts)

  • The market of palm oil (production, consumption, trade, countries-producers and consumers): the current situation, trends and forecasts)

  • The influence of financial crisis on production on oilseeds and by-products

  • Juridical aspects of trade with vegetable oils

Expected number of participants - 250 people

More detailed information concerning participation is provided by Marketing Department of IA "APK-Inform": +380 562 320795, +7 495 7894419, e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]