About the conference

АPК-Inform Agency announces about holding of the third international conference "Oilseeds & Oils 2011", devoted to the market of oilseeds, vegetable oils and by-products, which will be organized in Turkey (September 22-24, 2010, Istanbul). It is the time to resume the current season and plan your work for the future marketing year.

Thematic sections of the forthcoming conference:

  • World market of oilseeds and vegetable oils: new challenges and prospects, the portraits of main countries-players.

  • The Government regulation of markets of oilseeds in Turkey, and the Black Sea region.

  • Crude oil positions correlation on the base of the tendencies of vegetable oils market.

  • The market of sunflower with high content of olein as the most fast developing segment of fat-and-oil market.

The development of the market of agricultural commodities in 2010/11 MY was rather unstable – price increase for agricultural commodities caused the government regulation gain. Grain exports hard limitation and food market prices, government regulation intensification became the major challenges for fat-and-oil market participants of the countries of the Black Sea region. Besides, changed market conditions made Turkey to change the rules of play on the oilseeds market.

We should note that the feature of the current Conference is the high war-political risks: crude oil and oils prices faced the impact of the Middle-East factor – the political crisis in Tunisia and Egypt, so and other countries of the region. So, within the Conference we would like to discuss in details the real correlation between crude oil prices and vegetable oils prices, and also the prospects of the crude oil market prospects as the factor of impact on the oils.

However, despite the above stated difficulties, vegetable oils trade faces the growth. In particular during the season-2009/10 the global exports of vegetable oils increased to 57.8 mln tonnes, and in 2010/11 MY is expected its growth up to 60 mln tonnes. Consumption level totals 146.8 mln tonnes as opposed to 138.4 mln tonnes, respectively.

The additional issue we would like to disclose within the Conference is the market of high-oleic sunflower. During the last years the high interest to the prospects of the market development was shown by trading, as well as processing enterprises, investors. We hope that the special seminar-session devoted to high olein content sunflower will help the participants to better understand the possibilities and risks of the current segment.

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