The 1st International Grain Trading Summit:
CIS and Arabic countries - from Deals to Partnership

February, 22-26, 2006, Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh about the event   introduction   about the organizers   program   conditions for participation   list of participants   application form

About the Event


APK-Inform Agribusiness Information Company

Russian Grain Union

Under support of:

Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture

Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy

Arab Federation of Chambers of Shipping

Alexandria Chamber of Shipping

GASC (Egypt)

Ministry of Supply (Egypt)


Media support:

"APK-Inform Ukraine" journal

"APK-Inform Russia" journal

"Storage and processing of grain" journal


Agrarian Russia

"Bakery Foods" journal

Joint-Stock Company Kazagromarketing

"Agribusiness and Food Industry" journal

The topic of the Summit is grain trade between CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) and North Africa-Middle East region ( Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria etc.) It is going to become an unique event, noteworthy that the idea of the event came from Russian and Ukraine side and has found a big reaction from the Middle East traders and government organizations.

Place: Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh, Hotel *****

Dates of the Summit: February, 22-26, 2006

Languages of the Summit: Arabic, English, Russian (Simultaneous translation will be provided).

Targets of the Summit:

  • Supplying participants with high quality market information about grain trade between CIS and North Africa - Middle East countries

  • Discussing current problems and obstacles of grain trading, searching for the problems solutions

  • Establishing international business contacts, meeting with business partners, creating partnership relations

Target audience:

  • Leading grain trading companies from CIS and North Africa - Middle East

  • Inspection, freight, logistics and fumigation companies

  • Representatives from the government organizations and Embassies

  • International informational and consulting agencies, news agencies, newspapers and sites etc.

Advertising campaign:

There are the next target regions of the Summit advertising campaign: Russia, Ukraine, Other CIS, Arabic countries, other world. Each of the regional segments will have it's own advert campaign including business and cultural particularities. We expect the world's leading sites and news agencies to provide informational support of the Summit: Reuters, Interfax, ITAR-TASS, APK-Inform Agency, Agra Europe etc. Only in CIS expected audience of the Summit adverts will consist up to 4000 target contacts a day.

Segments of the Participants:

  • Participants (for participants fee)
    - Russian companies (about 50 companies)
    - Ukrainian companies (about 50 companies)
    - Kazakh companies (several biggest traders)
    - Companies from North Africa and Middle East countries ( Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Oman, UAE, Jordan etc.) - about 50-60 companies
    - Companies from other countries of the world - to 20 companies

  • Sponsors of the Summit

  • Guests (free of charge participation). The officials (Ministries, Government authorities and Embassies representatives, journalists of the leading news agencies, etc. - according to the List of the Guests)

  • VIP ( Ministers, Ambassadors etc.)